West Seattle Summerfest | 33rd Annual Seattle Street Fair July 10th-12th

by Sean Jewell ::

Since before there was the West Seattle Bridge, West Seattle has had an annual street fair. Now in its 33rd year, and called West Seattle Summerfest, it looks better than ever. It’s always been famous for its shopping, and small town outside the big city feel, plus this year there’s a garden and sustainability expo, a kids play area, a community gathering tent where local non-profits can meet, and something called Pet Junction, where you can meet potential future pets.

Naturally, we’re in it for the tunes, and this year’s fest is stacked with great Seattle acts. You can not go wrong making your way to the stage at any time of day. Schedule below, do some shopping and give thanks to businesses of The Junction West Seattle, because this fun is FREE.


wssummerfestGibraltar FRIDAY 3:00 PM
Evening Bell FRIDAY 4:00 PM
Pony Time FRIDAY 5:00 PM
Deep Creep FRIDAY 6:00 PM
The Shivas FRIDAY 7:00 PM
La Luz FRIDAY 8:00 PM
DJ Lance Romance FRIDAY 9:00 PM
The Thermals FRIDAY 9:30 PM
Pig Snout SATURDAY 12:00 PM
Navvi SATURDAY 1:00 PM
Timbre Barons SATURDAY 2:00 PM
Naked Giants SATURDAY 3:00 PM
Wimps SATURDAY 4:00 PM
Black Whales SATURDAY 5:00 PM
The Fame Riot SATURDAY 7:00 PM
Kithkin SATURDAY 8:00 PM
Vox Mod SATURDAY 9:00 PM
The Cave Singers SATURDAY 9:30 PM
The Solvents SUNDAY 1:00 PM
Memphis Radio Kings SUNDAY 2:00 PM
Stereo Embers SUNDAY 3:00 PM
Sisters SUNDAY 4:00 PM

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday July 10th-12th, 10am-6pm