SUSTO – “Hard Drugs” Live @ Paste

About a week ago I got bit by SUSTO’s album & I’m Fine Today, and I haven’t been able to shake the bug. Part of the problem is this aces jam “Hard Drugs”, which tells a story about the hard luck of addiction, and the cruelty of dreams, absent any malice.

The song begins about a friend, and by the end you come to two separate very real conclusions: hard drugs will take your best friends, and sometimes hard drugs are your best friends. For a real addict it hurts to see those go, too. Friends, lovers, confidante’s, drugs; that’s some damn fine songwritin’.

SUSTO is on a national tour right now, slumming with other rail ridin’ roots kids like The Lumineers, and Cat Clyde. You better get your ass to a show. More on that in our “May We Suggest” section.

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