Curtis / Sutton & The Scavengers “No Good Son”

We’re proud to premier the video for “No Good Son” from Boise country blues gents Curtis / Sutton & The Scavengers . The single is from their astounding 2017 release Whiskey Rain.

The core of the group is Ryan Curtis and Charlie Sutton, song-crafters of gritty roots music who share writing, singing, and guitar duties on the album. Whiskey Rain is high desert blues, lonesome prairie folk, dirt road country. Lyrically, “No Good Son” is the the darkest song on a surprisingly upbeat record full of  psychic hymns, broken-hearted parables, and lonesome canticles, about the marginalized, the lonesome, the addicted.

“No Good Son” is the tale of child abuse and a “killer in the making”. It opens with a banjo riff, and a bow skittering off fiddle like a pat of butter in a hot iron skillet. Jangling guitars accompany Charlie Sutton telling the story of how a killer is made. First neglect, then abuse, then shame, then take away everything and let alone. Listen for some sweet singing saw after the first and second choruses.

“You’re a killer in the makin’ / an imp with idle hands / your contaminated heart, well it doesn’t stand a chance / you’re a no good, no good, son.”

Curtis / Sutton & The Scavengers Whiskey Rain is out now.





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  1. I loved the song, it was great and the video was fun to watch.. I would love to see the whole thing in black and white, it gives you a really cool feel.

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