by Greg Vandy :: Woody always said “you can only write what you see.” He spent 10 years in the Dust Bowl, and in 1940 Victor Records released his Dust Bowl Ballads LP, which became his defining work. A topical songwriter who used existing melodies in ballads that reported on the condition of “his people,” Guthrie […]

How did Woody Guthrie get involved in a government film about public power? Here’s a book excerpt from 26 Songs In 30 Days. Please Donate NOW: “It was April 1941, and a man that Woody referred to as ‘some feller from the Dept. of Interior’ came by his Los Angeles home to chat with him […]

Click the link below and listen to the full three-hour show via KEXP‘s audio archive. Or get the KEXP  app for smartphones. It’s Free This one is for all the folk heads. The hard core. Not the pop-folk, orchestral, or light and lovely granola style of late. But the real sound of folk music, which […]

Greg Vandy needs you! The final hurdle in the book project 26 Songs In 30 Days is raising money to pay associated publishing rights to Woody’s song manuscripts which are used as photos in the book. We believe “seeing” the original, hand-typed song lyrics from Woody’s hand will add a great amount of visual character […]


This KEXP special radio show is all about American traditional songs. The one’s that have been around forever, sung by everybody, and have a million versions. Songs about folk legends like John Henry and Casey Jones, to trains called The Midnight Special and places like St James Infirmary and The House Of The Rising Sun. […]

by Lauren Jahoda, Heartstrings Magazine :: I was fortunate enough to visit the KEXP studios and meet with most of the wonderful staff there while in Seattle earlier this month. Greg Vandy, host of American Blues & Roots show ‘The Roadhouse’ (Weds. 6-9 PM), was not at the studio at the time, and so I […]

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Big News! Greg Vandy to write new Woody book published by Sasquatch Books in May of 2016!

 I’ve been accused of not being able to tell a short story (totally true!) but now I’m stretching it way out with a full feature book on Woody Guthrie and his involvement with the BPA in Portland, Oregon in 1941. Listeners […]


We highly recommend Ramblin’ Jack Elliott @ Triple Door Sunday May 25th. **See the review and a clip of the doc The Ballad Of Ramblin’Jack Elliott on our homepage** Simply leave a COMMENT in the comment section below (you must register if you haven’t already) by Thursday May 22nd and you could attend this show. For […]