50 Feet of Song is absolutely one of the coolest ideas in the video medium right now. The creators use super 8 film to make 3 minute videos (which uses approximately 50 feet of film). Check out their production of Dean Johnson‘s “Faraway Skies,” a gorgeous song made even better by the ‘60s style, field-recording […]

The Works Progress Administration was part of the New Deal and run by FDR and appointed head of the WPA Harry Hopkins. At its peak it provided over 3 million jobs and had an annual budget of over 1 billion dollars. Between 1935 and 1943 the WPA put artists to work in public art pieces that […]

by Sean Jewell :: Some bands got it all. The best ones make carrying that load look effortless. Portland’s The Earnest Lovers seem to be that kind of outfit. The classic country duo, billed as “vintage honky tonk heartbreak serenaders,” will be releasing their debut EP Sing Sad Songs on June 11th, and if you like country, well, […]

The Biggest Little City in the World. Photo Essay by David Kelly. Settled in the 1850s, during gold & silver mining booms, Reno eventually became America’s biggest gambling destination. It was also known as the divorce capitol of the US. The rapid growth of the area peaked in the mid 20th Century. Due to changes […]