by Sean Jewell :: The foghorn in The Foghorns‘ sound has got to be the bass clarinet of Lauren Trew. Woozy, improvisational jazz horn wandering broadly over leader Bart Cameron’s blues compositions. Or perhaps the foghorn is the rhythm section–solid electric bass and a drummer with preternatural ability to keep time gives the whole ship liberty to […]

by Sean Jewell :: Get ready to double fist your way to a hung-over Friday. PBR Presents $2 showcase is a show featuring Casey Ruff, Dismal Tide, The Western Red Penguins, and The Kings for a $2 cover, with $2 cans of PBR. Simple math, easy decision about where to get the most drunk for […]

by Bart Cameron :: In the green room of the Sunset Tavern, I came across The Rainieros’  Liam Fitzgerald one night. Dressed in vintage country gear, he was jet-lagged (just in from performing in Vegas), bleary eyed, and a genuine old soul. I thought he was just a character hanging around backstage, until he got […]