Rayland Baxter Imaginary Man LP Cover

by Lee Shook :: It’s no secret that there is a bright, fresh new crop of talented singer-songwriters arising from the deep shadows and vaunted history of Nashville’s iconic skyline. From Music City natives like Caitlin Rose to transplanted troubadours like Texas-born Andrew Combs and Robert Ellis, “dad country” crooner Jonny Fritz, the blazed out […]

by Sean Jewell:: Let’s all just bow our heads for a minute in a moment of silence and thank the universe for Nashville one more time. I mean, have you heard Natural Child? I’ve been hooked on their rocking country soul since 2012, when they released Hard in Heaven, and the hard to share because […]

by Sean Jewell :: Fraser Gorman‘s eccentric country soul record Slow Gum is out in the US today. The Australian Americana musician has found a home on Courtney Barnett‘s Milk! Records label, and it couldn’t be a better fit. Barnett is a Cobain for the new generation and her taste has as much value as […]

by Sean Jewell :: It was only a matter of time before Aussie roots musician Blake Noble‘s 12 string percussive guitar and didgeridoo music intersected with American roots music. Australian music has a history with bluegrass thanks to Bill Monroe and Flat & Scruggs records making their way to the continent and inspiring Australians to […]

by Sean Jewell :: Chadwick Stokes hit the music world right in the sweet spot back in 1994. During the rise of Napster and the troubadour revival, he teamed with Pete Heimbold and Brad Corrigan to form folk rock group Dispatch. Their level-headed protest songs and dreamy sing-a-longs went viral before that was even a term. I remarked […]