by Sean Jewell :: The history of mountain punk is simple. Lonesome tales of bygone times and persistent hurt accompanied by banjo, dulcimer, and other stringed demons was played by women in the Appalachian back country, colloquially known as Freakwater. Eventually the haunting sound slithered from the holler into a Pentecostal church two young Kentucky women attended. Janet […]

by Sean Jewell: Fresh off the release of their new album, and 20 year anniversary, The Legendary Shack Shakers –whose lead singer was deemed “Best Frontman” in Rolling Stone‘s coverage of the Americana Music Association Festival in Nashville (Nashville’s been sayin’ so since 2001, btw)– will be performing in Seattle on October 3oth. What’s shocking […]

by Sean Jewell :: Cracker‘s frontmen David Lowery and Johnny Hickman strike vicious blows for the proletariats on their latest album Berkeley To Bakersfield. Twenty years and ten (official) albums into their career (as Cracker), the band takes time to reflect on two very different places and their effect on Cracker’s musical style: Berkeley being decidedly more punk rock, and Bakersfield, of course, being […]