by Sean Jewell:: By nature farm work is cyclical. Morning becomes evening toiling in the soil. Days become weeks –then months, as seasons pass into one another. Seeds and soil eventually become the harvest, but you have to give it time. Nathaniel Talbot is busy with farm work all spring and summer, with no time to […]

Greg Vandy needs you! The final hurdle in the book project 26 Songs In 30 Days is raising money to pay associated publishing rights to Woody’s song manuscripts which are used as photos in the book. We believe “seeing” the original, hand-typed song lyrics from Woody’s hand will add a great amount of visual character […]

by Sean Jewell :: Ooh boy, Friday’s gonna be busy folks, but the swingin’ roadhouse sounds of The Northwest (and parts beyond) are callin’. First of all, did you know that KEXP’s Concerts at the Mural are FREE? Also, they happen early (starting at 4:30). So come on down to Seattle Center and find a sweet […]

by Sean Jewell :: Drunken Prayer is a strange brew out of Portland, Oregon, a mixture of New Orleans boogie, Southern gothic, California country, and Northwestern noir. Roots in the South and branches in the Northwest make their sound a heady concoction of over-driven electric twang, Bakersfield vocals, and sardonic lyrics, and their latest effort The Devil & The […]

by Jon Rooney :: Portland’s Mike Coykendall‘s newest full length, Half Past, Present Pending, is a slice of seriously fuzzy, spaced-out folk music. Coykendall is a musical veteran’s veteran, having led a band called Klyde Konner in the Midwest back in the late ’80s before playing in the Old Joe Clarks, a roots duo with […]

by Sean Jewell :: It’s not like Nick Jaina has been idle since his 2013 album Primary Perception. He’s composed music for ballets in New York City, contributed to literary journals, written about The Birth of The Drumset for Smithsonian Folkways, and his first book Get It While You Can was released earlier this year. He’s back with […]

by Sean Jewell :: Some bands got it all. The best ones make carrying that load look effortless. Portland’s The Earnest Lovers seem to be that kind of outfit. The classic country duo, billed as “vintage honky tonk heartbreak serenaders,” will be releasing their debut EP Sing Sad Songs on June 11th, and if you like country, well, […]

by Sean Jewell :: Woah there, cowpokes. Tighten your reins. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, yonder comes The Lonesome Billies. This here’s outlaw country, little picker. As if chuggin’ like a baritone train what jumped track and headed down the lost highway warn’t enough, these dudes are self eulogizin’ with cheatin’ songs about hangin’ out with Rasputin, […]

The day an album lands in the old inbox and its claim to be country music with a Nick Cave/The Gun Club/The Cramps vibe rings true sounds like the plot to a music writer’s dream. I mean, you can just imagine the smirk on my face cracking like a burning bullwhip when I read it, […]