by Sean Jewell:: Let me tell you something now. Come closer. Read harder. I do not suggest you go to this show, I insist. When The Moondoggies released Don’t Be A Stranger in 2008, music was a confusing place. It was a heady time, one that birthed the soporific harmonies of Fleet Foxes, and Band of Horses. Seattle’s […]

by Sean Jewell :: Jesus, take the wheel, and drive me to The Tractor Tavern on Sunday night. Local country acts Ole Tinder and Cahalen Morrison & Country Hammer are supporting LA cowboy Sam Outlaw, and it’s gonna be one hell of a show. Sam seemed to come out of nowhere earlier this year. He recorded […]

by Sean Jewell :: AST is proud to premier the video for the first single from Mike Giacolino‘s (Ole Tinder) upcoming solo effort Broken Roads. The video for “Northern Bound” is a gorgeous mash-up of Giacolino playing solo and found footage of a steel mill in 1939. The song cobbles together some acoustic country blues and […]

by Sean Jewell :: Well this looks cool. The Ould Triangle up in Greenwood is hosting an event called Country Outlaw Sundays, and it’s perfect. There’ll be country music, BBQ, and Outlaw Swing lessons, and best of all it’s early in the evenin’ (2-7 pm, yes!) for the folks that wanna go out but still got […]