By Sean Jewell :: Turn on your ears and shut your mouth for a second, goddamnit. American Standard Time is so proud to present to you the opening track from King James & The Special Men‘s forthcoming album Act Like You Know. “Special Man Boogie” opens way down at the deep end of the piano, […]

By Sean Jewell:: Another Mardi Gras has come and gone. Seeking vicarious thrill, I stumbled upon these images of New Orleans circa 1905, via the New York Public Library digital archive. These post cards, made by Detroit Photographic Co., were made using a Swiss process called photochrom, later called Phostint. The tinted halftone style was a […]

Click the link (below) NOW and listen to this show via KEXP‘s streaming archive. It’s hip! This week on the show: A whole hour of grooving and grinding to rare soul records from obscure and overlooked artists of the past, ya know when songs about city rats (“ratty ratty”) big bell-bottoms (“original funky bell-bottom”) and […]

by Sean Jewell :: The title of Lloyd Price‘s new book is sumdumhonky. Yes, that’s a pejorative. It’s a deliberate affront to the racists he grew up among; violent, ignorant people, who would sooner lynch a black person of color than eat in their company, much less drink from the same water fountain, or use […]

by Sean Jewell :: Drunken Prayer is a strange brew out of Portland, Oregon, a mixture of New Orleans boogie, Southern gothic, California country, and Northwestern noir. Roots in the South and branches in the Northwest make their sound a heady concoction of over-driven electric twang, Bakersfield vocals, and sardonic lyrics, and their latest effort The Devil & The […]

by Sean Jewell :: Well, summer in the great Northwest is finally runnin’ hot. There’s two shows a day everywhere you look. Festival season is in full swing, and everyone is ready for a good time. Here at AST we like  a little bit of everything roots, blues, soul and Americana, especially if those roots […]

by Mindie Lind :: Not since the days of Johnny Cash, Roger Miller, Elvis, and George Jones at Sun Records has country music had a good-ol-boy crew quite like New West Records newbies The Deslondes. These New Orleans residents are students of the street-music scene and their new self-titled album is deeply rooted in the city’s American-born […]

by Sean Jewell :: I didn’t really know I was a Little Richard fan until I started looking into this box set coming out on June 2nd. Did you know he was inspired to play piano the way he did by Esquerita in New Orleans when he heard him play “One Mint Julep” (and that Esquerita […]

meschiya lake @kexp

You can hear this KEXP radio show with a LIVE in-studio performance by Meschiya Lake and The Little Big Horns right now via KEXP’s streaming archive. It’s available for 2 weeks, until June 18th. Click the link below! I first saw Meschiya Lake at Centrum’s Voice Works in Port Townsend a few years ago. I […]