by Jon Rooney :: I first heard about Levi Fuller sometime in the mid-’00s through a since-shuttered website called Slightly Confusing to a Stranger for which we were both writing album reviews. I was living in Austin, TX at the time and just starting Virgin of the Birds as a bedroom project. At some point […]

The day an album lands in the old inbox and its claim to be country music with a Nick Cave/The Gun Club/The Cramps vibe rings true sounds like the plot to a music writer’s dream. I mean, you can just imagine the smirk on my face cracking like a burning bullwhip when I read it, […]

by Sean Jewell :: I hope you ring in the new year resolutely encrusted with vigor and vehement dedication to new, healthy habits. I also hope that you’ll come down to Columbia City Theater on the second day of January and swiftly –mercilessly– smash those barnacles of resolution to bits. I hope you grind them into a fine […]

I’m remiss about this, and I apologize. Life gets in the way, but I stand defiantly –in protest– now. I’m letting you know now that Levi Fuller (Levi Fuller and the Library) has put together the best Ball of Wax audio quarterly compilation yet. Protest Songs are Volume 38‘s theme, and that theme has inspired his massive network of local […]