BY GREG VANDY & MICHAEL WOHL This is the first installment of a three-part series on American guitarist John Fahey (1939 – 2001). Our intent is to shed light not only on John’s prolific career as an innovative guitarist and composer, but also as a musicologist/folklorist, record label honcho, and time traveling talent scout whose efforts […]

Gary Clark Jr. performs live in studio on KEXP’s The Roadhouse. Recorded 2/13/2012. Songs: When My Train Pulls In Don’t Owe You a Thing Bright Lights Shotgun Man Host: Greg Vandy Audio Engineer: Kevin Suggs Cameras: Shelly Corbett, Zach Gore and Scott Holpainen Editing: Scott Holpainen

Click the link below and listen to the full three-hour show via KEXP‘s audio archive. Or get the KEXP  app for smartphones. It’s Free This one is for all the folk heads. The hard core. Not the pop-folk, orchestral, or light and lovely granola style of late. But the real sound of folk music, which […]

This edition of Greg Vandy‘s radio show is available until Oct 21st, via KEXP‘s streaming archive. Click the link below to hear the full three-hour show! Like Johnny Darrell once said (and later Jesse Colter), “Why You Been Gone So Long?”. OK, wait- not you, me. Where have I been and where has the PLAYBACK been? Well, it’s […]

via KEXP: Greg Vandy explores that summer feeling on this two-hour mix and nod to Barna Howard‘s new album, plus 18 other road trip worthy songs from up-and-comers like Banditos, Leyla McCalla, The Deslondes, Benjamin Booker, Saun & Starr, Steve Gunn, and Spirit Family Reunion, to name a few. Download the podcast here. Tracklist: 1. Benjamin […]

Haunted Roadhouse

Always one of the most popular shows. Listen as I go whistling past the graveyard, playing music from the dark-side. Plenty of murder ballads, dark hollers, country outlaws, weirdos, and evil Blues in the American tradition. Scary stuff from Nick Cave, Lee Hazelwood, The Sonics, Screaming Lord Sutch, Bo Diddley, Nina Simone, Koko Taylor, White […]

by Sean Jewell :: You remember when you were a kid, and you’d go trick-or-treating and sometimes you’d just absolutely score? Like, great costume, bag overflowing with full size candy bars, and pulled off a few good scares? I feel like that’s what we’ve got going on with this Spooky Roadhouse thing. It’s an embarrassment of […]

by Lauren Jahoda, Heartstrings Magazine :: I was fortunate enough to visit the KEXP studios and meet with most of the wonderful staff there while in Seattle earlier this month. Greg Vandy, host of American Blues & Roots show ‘The Roadhouse’ (Weds. 6-9 PM), was not at the studio at the time, and so I […]