By Sean Jewell:: Another Mardi Gras has come and gone. Seeking vicarious thrill, I stumbled upon these images of New Orleans circa 1905, via the New York Public Library digital archive. These post cards, made by Detroit Photographic Co., were made using a Swiss process called photochrom, later called Phostint. The tinted halftone style was a […]

by Sean Jewell :: By all accounts Vince Guaraldi should not have been a piano player. Certainly not the piano player he became; the jazz virtuoso with a blues soul, the brilliant interpreter of Brazilian Bossa Nova, and, as the sound of Charles Schulz‘s Peanuts gang, the introduction to piano for children everywhere. Guaraldi’s life didn’t […]

by Sean Jewell :: Well, summer in the great Northwest is finally runnin’ hot. There’s two shows a day everywhere you look. Festival season is in full swing, and everyone is ready for a good time. Here at AST we like  a little bit of everything roots, blues, soul and Americana, especially if those roots […]

by Sean Jewell :: I’m all jazz hands and flapper dancing excited about this show Friday. Local neo-jazz vocalists YVES are having an album release show for their smoky, soulful THE SOUND OF YVES. Expect pillowy, sensuous harmonies, down-tempo excitement, and heart fluttering fills from the band. Also, take a look at some of the most shockingly […]

by Sean Jewell :: Had Gary McFarland lived longer, his name might be as popular as –or synonymous with– Quincy Jones or Duke Ellington. He recorded over 30 records in a decade, largely wrote his own material, and is now recognized as the missing link between Jazz and Pop. So why haven’t you heard of him? A […]