by Sean Jewell:: You know how some records are. By effort or by accident the band’s first notes immerse you in their world, their stories; their sound carves indelible grooves into your mind and it plays there on loop. I’m not sure if it’s Jeremy Pinnell‘s sonorous baritone mixing the honey and vinegar of life into […]

  by Sean Jewell:: We do so much talking about Nashville and Austin, sometimes it’s easy to forget to scour other cities for their great country scene (did you know Portland has a great one?). There most be tons of unheralded honky-tonkers who find themselves in metropolitan areas far from their country raising, or city […]

by Sean Jewell :: Some bands got it all. The best ones make carrying that load look effortless. Portland’s The Earnest Lovers seem to be that kind of outfit. The classic country duo, billed as “vintage honky tonk heartbreak serenaders,” will be releasing their debut EP Sing Sad Songs on June 11th, and if you like country, well, […]