Click the link below and listen to the full three-hour show via KEXP‘s audio archive. Or get the KEXP  app for smartphones. It’s Free This one is for all the folk heads. The hard core. Not the pop-folk, orchestral, or light and lovely granola style of late. But the real sound of folk music, which […]

by Lauren Jahoda, Heartstrings Magazine :: I was fortunate enough to visit the KEXP studios and meet with most of the wonderful staff there while in Seattle earlier this month. Greg Vandy, host of American Blues & Roots show ‘The Roadhouse’ (Weds. 6-9 PM), was not at the studio at the time, and so I […]


PLAYBACK this one via KEXP’s streaming archive (audio good until Sept 10th) It’ll take you back! Click the link below and “rock on”. This annual program has become known as The Summer Sell-Out show because it’s a diversion from our usual KEXP mission of providing alternative music not heard on today’s commercial radio. But for one night […]

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This one is an all rock ‘n roll version of the show and it’s available for listening via the KEXP audio link (below) until April 30th. Sometimes you just wake up in the morning wanting to rock. And then roll. And then play said cuts on the radio. That happen to me this week as I pulled together […]

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So now that you’ve found yourself here, you may be wondering, what the fawk is this? Well, American Standard Time has grown-up to become a full-fledged online magazine. It’s pretty exciting. The basic theme of this site is American music and vintage lifestyle. The content components are my radio show (playback via KEXP’s archive), feature writing, […]