BY GREG VANDY & MICHAEL WOHL This is the first installment of a three-part series on American guitarist John Fahey (1939 – 2001). Our intent is to shed light not only on John’s prolific career as an innovative guitarist and composer, but also as a musicologist/folklorist, record label honcho, and time traveling talent scout whose efforts […]

Trevor Sensor Album Cover

by Sean Jewell:: If your voice becomes a nasal, gravelly howl that somehow sounds at once like Bob Dylan circa 1960, and also like Bob Dylan in 2016 don’t fret. Pick up a guitar and write some songs. Illinois gentleman Trevor Sensor, a recent signee to Jagjaguwar (a label known for capturing singular vocalists: Bon Iver, Cave […]

[checklist][/checklist] by Sean Jewell:: The first great record of 2016 is here. Recorded in the summer of last year, East Nashville songsmith Brian Wright put together what appears to be the first in a series of home recordings. Production and instrumentation are sparse as a southwestern vista. Austere, colorful backing (harmonica here, banjo and/or backing vocals there) occasionally accompany his bright […]

by Sean Jewell:: By nature farm work is cyclical. Morning becomes evening toiling in the soil. Days become weeks –then months, as seasons pass into one another. Seeds and soil eventually become the harvest, but you have to give it time. Nathaniel Talbot is busy with farm work all spring and summer, with no time to […]

by Sean Jewell: Fresh off the release of their new album, and 20 year anniversary, The Legendary Shack Shakers –whose lead singer was deemed “Best Frontman” in Rolling Stone‘s coverage of the Americana Music Association Festival in Nashville (Nashville’s been sayin’ so since 2001, btw)– will be performing in Seattle on October 3oth. What’s shocking […]

by Sean Jewell :: Check out the “expertly trained Americana vocal stylist” Holland Belle in this video for her song “Lovely Ghost,” fittingly shot in the all but abandoned Bombay Beach. Belle’s voice soars like a lovely ghost among scenery of America’s lowest place, on the north end of The Salton Sea, while nature takes […]

by Sean Jewell:: One thing I’m discovering as I speak to blues men is that you don’t get to interview them so much as you get to sit and listen to their stories. Older blues men like Bobby Rush are well aware of their contributions to blues, soul, and rock & roll. Bobby Rush has been interviewed countless […]

by Sean Jewell :: Outlaw poets are the best poets. By talent or by fate, none quite nailed the role like French poet Jean Genet. Genet was a adopted after being born to a prostitute; as a child he loved running away and became a thief.  He became imprisoned, got out by joining the foreign legion, […]

by Sean Jewell :: With a smoky drawl and minimal instrumentation, Mike Giacolino (Ole Tinder) has composed one of the best folk records I’ve heard in years. Touching on themes from illness and death, to love and loss, and of course labor, Giacolino’s thoughtful songwriting and easygoing guitar melodies build an album that’s better than […]

by Sean Jewell :: Fraser Gorman‘s eccentric country soul record Slow Gum is out in the US today. The Australian Americana musician has found a home on Courtney Barnett‘s Milk! Records label, and it couldn’t be a better fit. Barnett is a Cobain for the new generation and her taste has as much value as […]