Click the link below and listen to the full three-hour show via KEXP‘s audio archive. Or get the KEXP ¬†app for smartphones. It’s Free This one is for all the folk heads. The hard core. Not the pop-folk, orchestral, or light and lovely granola style of late. But the real sound of folk music, which […]


This KEXP special radio show is all about American traditional songs. The one’s that have been around forever, sung by everybody, and have a million versions. Songs about folk legends like John Henry and Casey Jones, to trains called The Midnight Special and places like St James Infirmary and The House Of The Rising Sun. […]


This is my last show for awhile! As you’ll hear me say on this show, starting this week I’ll be off to the hinterlands (Methow Valley on the Eastern slopes of the N. Cascades) to write my Woody Guthrie book and that Hans will be filling in for the rest of the year. However I’ll […]

Harry Smith

This is it! The Harry Smith Show. Listen to the the old songs he collected which became The Anthology in 1952. Songs that revealed an Old Weird America that inspired a generation to create the folk & blues revival of the 60’s and beyond. This is how Doug Harvey once descibed our local hero: Self-taught […]