By David Kelly – On a recent trip to Los Angeles, my Sign Geek friends and I spent a lot of time hunting signs. We are like big game hunters, but we shoot signs. With cameras. In five days, I shot over 2000 frames. Southern California has the highest concentration of amazing vintage neon signs […]

Rexall Drugs: Our Most Iconic Pharmacies by David Kelly: When I was born, my dad owned a Rexall Drug Store in the Bay Area. He had worked there during summers in college & after graduating from pharmacy school, he bought into a partnership with his boss. He eventually sold his share & went to work […]

By David Kelly – Americans love their cars. As long as there have been cars, there have been car dealers. But dealerships did not have the money or space to keep an example of every model in every color for buyers to choose from. This is why Promotional cars, commonly referred to as Promo or […]

The Biggest Little City in the World. Photo Essay by David Kelly. Settled in the 1850s, during gold & silver mining booms, Reno eventually became America’s biggest gambling destination. It was also known as the divorce capitol of the US. The rapid growth of the area peaked in the mid 20th Century. Due to changes […]