by Sean Jewell:: You know how some records are. By effort or by accident the band’s first notes immerse you in their world, their stories; their sound carves indelible grooves into your mind and it plays there on loop. I’m not sure if it’s Jeremy Pinnell‘s sonorous baritone mixing the honey and vinegar of life into […]

by Sean Jewell :: Bluegrass music is the music of the Appalachian Mountains. Like those mountains, Ola Belle Reed’s influence, memory, songs, and family reach across time, from Ola Belle’s birthplace in Lansing, NC all the way up to Rising Sun, MD. Her voice is solid, woody, and rises like the smoke above the trees […]

  by Sean Jewell :: The world of music we know is pretty well owed to the Louvin Brothers. Right from the start they were different, singing supernatural harmonies they’d dedicated their life to crafting. Before they even arrived in Nashville they could barely land a gig for all the other bands who’d been hired […]

by Sean Jewell :: Drunken Prayer is a strange brew out of Portland, Oregon, a mixture of New Orleans boogie, Southern gothic, California country, and Northwestern noir. Roots in the South and branches in the Northwest make their sound a heady concoction of over-driven electric twang, Bakersfield vocals, and sardonic lyrics, and their latest effort The Devil & The […]

by Sean Jewell :: The value of the contributions Country Dave Harmonson has made to Seattle’s roots music scene cannot be overstated. If you can name a country music band from this area it’s likely Country Dave has contributed to, or influenced their sound in some way. He plays in so many bands you’re likely […]

by Sean Jewell :: With a smoky drawl and minimal instrumentation, Mike Giacolino (Ole Tinder) has composed one of the best folk records I’ve heard in years. Touching on themes from illness and death, to love and loss, and of course labor, Giacolino’s thoughtful songwriting and easygoing guitar melodies build an album that’s better than […]

by Sean Jewell :: Jesus, take the wheel, and drive me to The Tractor Tavern on Sunday night. Local country acts Ole Tinder and Cahalen Morrison & Country Hammer are supporting LA cowboy Sam Outlaw, and it’s gonna be one hell of a show. Sam seemed to come out of nowhere earlier this year. He recorded […]

by Sean Jewell :: Some bands got it all. The best ones make carrying that load look effortless. Portland’s The Earnest Lovers seem to be that kind of outfit. The classic country duo, billed as “vintage honky tonk heartbreak serenaders,” will be releasing their debut EP Sing Sad Songs on June 11th, and if you like country, well, […]

by Sean Jewell :: Get your dancin’ boots on. Last time I saw Evening Bell at The Tractor the floor was filled up with people swingin’ to their honky tonk sounds. This time they’re accompanied by Seattle via Houston authentic country players The Ganges River Band and Country Lips, just back from their own tour […]