By Alexa Peters :: This burnin’ new track from Seattle’s homegrown Country Lips, “Grizzly Bear Billboard,” finds the spot where pristine pop-country meets its ugly, outlaw step-sister. While clean honky-tonk piano, atmospheric pedal steel, and electric guitar shimmer in the back, Trevor Pendras’ voice has the ramshackle charm of Neil Young, pushing forward with breathy crescendo […]

by Sean Jewell :: Get your dancin’ boots on. Last time I saw Evening Bell at The Tractor the floor was filled up with people swingin’ to their honky tonk sounds. This time they’re accompanied by Seattle via Houston authentic country players The Ganges River Band and Country Lips, just back from their own tour […]

by Sean Jewell :: Check out this sweet one-shot video from Seattle honky tonk outlaws Country Lips. The track “Pretty Pictures” is from their 2014 album Nothing To My Name. Shot by photographer Connie Aramaki, the crew starts out at the legendary Cafe Racer and walks the backstreets to the notorious Twelve Oh Neuvo, Country Lips’ hideout in […]

by Sean Jewell :: Woah there, cowpokes. Tighten your reins. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, yonder comes The Lonesome Billies. This here’s outlaw country, little picker. As if chuggin’ like a baritone train what jumped track and headed down the lost highway warn’t enough, these dudes are self eulogizin’ with cheatin’ songs about hangin’ out with Rasputin, […]

photos by :: Connie Aramaki words by :: Sean Jewell Immediately after looking at preview pictures for this photo session from Seattle photographer Connie (Coco) Aramaki I wanted to know the story. I had the fortune to meet Coco at an exhibition for Canon camera, where she explained to me –in no uncertain terms– that is not how she […]

Photos by Coco Foto: Sort of like the Wu-Tang, Country Lips ain’t nothing to fuck with. The original gang of nine outlaws formed years ago in Seattle around a shared ethos of booze, badassery and countrified rock and roll in the tradition of George Jones, Johnny Cash and the Flying Burrito Brothers. They now number […]