50 Feet of Song is absolutely one of the coolest ideas in the video medium right now. The creators use super 8 film to make 3 minute videos (which uses approximately 50 feet of film). Check out their production of Dean Johnson‘s “Faraway Skies,” a gorgeous song made even better by the ‘60s style, field-recording […]

I was in a daze once after a Sam Doores show in Seattle; I was talking to the sound man that night about what we’d just witnessed. “Do you have that album Holy Cross Blues?,” he asked. “No.” With a nod, and a knowing grin he said simply: “it’s the truth.” How a phrase like […]

50 Feet of Song

Our friends at 50 Feet Of Song captured one of our very favorite bands, Cotton Jones doing “Tall Hours in the Glowstream” on super 8 film. It’s a pretty unique concept and the results are here for the viewing. Here’s what creator Max McSimov says about their on-going project: Inspired by both the direct cinema of […]