The Story of My Life – Guitar Slim Jr.

by Sean Jewell::

This grammy nominated, Carlo Ditta recorded Big Easy Studios album captures a seasoned professional at his guitar best. What’s absent in this album is perhaps what’s best about it. Because it was made in New Orleans, it’s absent the flash, sheen, and pastiche blues albums of it’s time were trying to achieve. Jr.’s voice is so isolated, and vulnerable, that you feel his pain. His guitar playing is not augmented in any way, no electronic drums, no fancy patches, pedals, or keyboards that the era was rife with. You can hear New Orleans in this record –brassy horns, bluesy riffs, virtuosic singing, and simple, unfettered recording. If there is a better contemporary blues record I have not heard it. Reissued by Orleans Records.

Vocals, Guitars: Guitar Slim Jr.
Bass guitar: Rene Coman, Charles Moore
Drums: Shannon Powell, Kerry Brown
Trumpet: Milton Batiste Jr.
Sax: Ernest Watson
Keyboards & Vibes: Keith Fazarde
Piano: Jon Cleary, A.J. Loria
Claps: Diane Weston
Muted guitar: David B. Moorland
Background vocals: Sylvia & Oneida Joseph

Produced by Carlo Ditta


Trouble Don’t Last – 3:02
Letter to My Girlfriend – 1:53
The Story of My Life – 3:29
Bad Luck Blues – 3:21
Can I Change My Mind – 3:02
To Weak to Fight – 2:25
Reap What You Sow – 4:27
Well, I Done Got Over It – 2:30
Turn Back the Hands of Time – 2:52
Sufferin’ Mind – 2:20