Spectra Sonic Sound Sessions feat. Chad Fisher: “Burn Me”

by Sean Jewell::

As a newly minted member of St. Paul & The Broken Bones, part of Jason Isbell‘s trusted horn section, and sideman to The Swampers, The O’Jays, Temptations, and Four Tops, it’s a miracle that Chad Fisher has time to front his own band.

Spectra Sonic Sound Sessions caught some video of him recently in Birmingham, though. The floor featured here is thee dance floor that inspired the one for Saturday Night Fever. Lee Shook tells us that one of the producers was from Birmingham and wanted to have something like it in the film. It’s been here in the night spot appropriately titled The Club since the venue’s opening in 1951.

Don’t let the pretty lights distract you from Chad Fisher’s horn playing, or songwriting, though. He’s carrying a torch here for the warmth of summer, and the sting of a sunburn, a revitalizing shedding of old skin, leaving the doldrums of winter behind and strutting into summer feeling the funk. At this point I’m with Chad. C’mon, summer, burn me.