Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – CIPHER

by Sean Jewell::

I remain deliberately willfully ignorant about all things SCAC. Aside from looking up a few photos, and listening to CIPHER as a result of a dead drop by a trusted publicist. I quickly realized after listening that certain obfuscation –an intentional chiaroscuro is a big part of SCAC’s composition.

That and some brilliant arrangements. This is extremely experimental roots music moving from wicked gospel to twangy country to distorted outlaw while seamlessly holding to a theme. It’s a haunting, heavy album about a hopeful christian cult acknowledging their worldly imperfections.

From the press release:

Originally released in 2008, Cipher is the most cohesive SCAC album but also the most mysterious. Cipher is a deliberate puzzle loaded with coded language. The idea that braces are used to straighten crooked humanity provides a structure, but this code rewards effort to unpack the many messages it contains; many more relevant now than ever. Compared to its predecessors, this set of songs sounds more hopeful and expansive, a quality that was always there but this time out the brighter sides of the songwriting were emphasized.

The album is being re-issued on June 2. This 2017 re-issue will be a double vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve and marks the first release of the album on the Auto Club’s label, SCACUNINCORPORATED. The band will be playing select MidWest dates this Summer preceded by an extensive European tour.

6/11/2017              Moscow                                 RU          16 Tons
6/12/2017              Moscow                           RU          16 Tons- Munly Solo performance
6/14/2017              Budapest                                      HU          A38 Ship  Exhibition Space
6/15/2017              Kladovo                                 RS           Border Rock Fest
6/16/2017              Belgrade                                               RS           Dor ol Platz
6/17/2017              Bojkovice                                              CZ           Mishmash Party
6/18/2017              Warsaw                                 PO          Klub Hydrozagada
United States
7/27/2017              Saint Paul                             MN          Turf Club
7/28/2017              Madison                                WI           Frequency
7/29/2017              Green Bay                           WI           Badger State Brewing Company
7/31/2017              Chicago                                 IL             Subterranean
8/30/2017              St Louis                                 MO          The Ready Room
8/31/2017              Indianapolis                          IN            The Hi-Fi
9/1/2017                Cookeville                             TN           Muddy Roots Music  Festival
9/15/2017              Orleans                                  FR           Hop Pop Festival
9/16/2017              Nevers                                   FR           Cafe Carbon