Kuinka, Vaudeville Etiquette, Sundog


8:00 PM

Neumo's Presents: Kuinka, Vaudeville Etiquette, Sundog

Looking back now, Kuinka was always looking for a way to propel their pop-bluegrass out of the atmosphere. Their indisputably talented core took advantage of a name change this year to release their Stay Awake EP on cassette. It  seamlessly incorporated synthesizer into a sound that had already been out of this world on it’s own merits. Adding synth, clarinet, saxophone, and somehow managing to play cello/banjo/mando/guitar/drums/keys between the four of them has only made their live shows –propelled by Miranda Zickler’s ridiculously strong vocals– better.

Like Kuinka, Vaudeville Etiquette has released a new album that expands on their talents. They’ve graduated from foot-stomping-folk-rock to a classic-rock wall-of-sound on a fleshed out theme piece that imagines what their current studio’s past life was like as a roadside Motel. Buzzing lead guitar, a muscular rhythm section, and country-rock harmonies make these rock ‘n’ rollers a must listen.

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