Kuinka EP Release Show w/Ezra Bell & YURT

Seattle, Washington

Tractor Tavern

8:30 PM

AST Presents: Kuinka "Stay Up Late" EP Release Show w/Ezra Bell & YURT @ Tractor Tavern

by Sean Jewell::

You know what’s amazing? Kuinka‘s new EP Stay Up Late. It’s just four songs in length, but listening to it feels like seizing one of life’s moments that make your body hum electric. Kuinka’s spirited (damn near sibling) harmonies, and continued experiments with every instrument they can reach rattle like electrons around the nucleus of their shared talents. The frenetic sound and heart-on their-sleeve earnestness suits them. Two or three name changes and two or three EPs in you couldn’t shake the band of Bellingham babes if you tried. Their work is so infectious it’ll make you dance, melt, swoon and agog at once.

Kuinka has already kicked out these jams on cassette (a format we’re hopeless hoarders of) and will be celebrating the release on digital and disc for you futuristic folkies on June 2nd. Come through to catch Portland‘s psych folkies Ezra Bell and YURT for what promises to be a huge party.

For those readers outside of Seattle, Kuinka will be on a tour of the Western States starting May 5th, tickets and times here.

Venue Details

5213 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle, Washington 98107