US & AST Presents: Reed Turchi, Lo-Liner, Mike Wohl @ Hotel Albatross

Hotel Albatross

9:00 PM

US & AST Presents: Reed Turchi, Lo-Liner, Mike Wohl at Hotel Albatross

Reed Turchi is coming all the way from Nashville on a west coast tour. He’s bringing his guitars, and his signature kudzu boogie with him. What is the kudzu boogie, you may ask, well…When you’re borned in North Carolina, attend UNC Chapel Hill and become obsessed with N. Mississippi Hill Country blues, wind up founding a label to publish everyone from Fred McDowell to Kenny Brown, then move on to Memphis to head up the legendary Ardent label you learn a few things about roots music, and the groove. This is the basis for Reed Turchi’s latest projects, a solo slide guitar blues album Tallahatchie, and Live At Soulshine, a live recording of a nine piece “orkestra” improvising on the groove of the piedmont, hill country, and memphis blues. Like kudzu, it grows –ever larger in sound, absorbing influence, creeping into your life.

In an effort to give ol’ Turchi a real nice welcome we’ve assembled the best local support crew possible. You need to know about Lo-Liner. The duo of Arlan and Lucile from local alt-country outfit The Crying Shame whittle down their huge sound into a folk show with Lucile on lap-steel and harmony, and Arlan on acoustic and harmonica. They turn the folk tradition into a gorgeous ruckus with riotous odes to the greatest things man has ever done –like Camel cigarettes, and the Grand Coulee Dam.

Guitar expert Mike Wohl will also be there, you might feel the ghost of Mississippi John Hurt, or the ornery overlook of the spirit of John Fahey in his tunes. Everyone on this bill is the living embodiment of folk and blues, carrying on the tradition of the folk process that has documented the history of America: Listen, learn, repeat.

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Hotel Albatross