Ryley Walker Goes Psych! The West Wind

This ode to psych-folk of a bygone era is all we need know to become fans of 25 year-old Ryley Walker.

A self-proclaimed “outsider” and fan of “out” music then and now,  this Rockford, Illinois native released his debut, All Kinds Of You (Tomkins Square) earlier this year and is now making waves in the folk/jazz guitar world. In the same school as Daniel Bachman and the late Jack Rose and an admitted disciple of Fahey, Ryley is a bit more Brit Folk in his influence as he sings, too.

He recently played Roadhouse Radio on KEXP, in which he enthusiastically talks about his influences (Tim Buckley too!) and plays four songs, including an Ann Briggs cover and of course “West Wind.” Listen to it now via KEXP’s Steaming Archive (choose Wed July 23, 7:30pm)

Don’t sleep on Ryley!