Patrick Kinsley & A Fistful of Dollars : Rattling the Cage

Patkinsleyby Sean Jewell ::

Right about the time you think you’ve heard it all there’ll come along another musician to let you know how wrong you are. If you set your ear to the tracks you can usually hear the train a-comin’; some artists you can set your clock to, others come over the horizon like a bolt out of the blue. Patrick Kinsley released his rocking country album For a Thousand Miles with his band Fistful of Dollars this summer and it completely passed me by. I’m back on track now though, and happy to premier the video for the raucous track “Rattling the Cage.”

Like New Orleans raises ’em, Kinsley is a romantic storyteller whose songs never fail to set the mood whether with backbeat, or honky tonk, or just acoustic guitar. On “Rattling the Cage” Kinsley shoots for a West Nashville/Austin kind of outlaw Southern Gothic, using a wicked electric riff and winding through a strong chorus to tell a father son story with some unfortunate family values.

Kinsley’s storytelling power is augmented by his gutcheck vocal rasp, and the heavy honky tonk of Fistful of Dollars; a fitting accompaniment to a story about a dad who tries to fly right, but never can seem to fly straight, and how sons sometimes unwittingly act on what they learn from such figures.

I been listenin’ to For a Thousand Miles, and it’s good. Patrick reaches for themes well beyond his youthful appearance, taking on drugs, post traumatic stress disorder, and the modern American family. Stories about Mom & Dad –real or imagined– abound and often take pulp-fiction turns a-la Patterson Hood, with a touch of singer songwriter humanity and fine strumming Todd Snider might grin at.