Natural Child, Bread & Butter, Great Spiders Live at the Tractor Tavern September 15th

by Sean Jewell::

Let’s all just bow our heads for a minute in a moment of silence and thank the universe for Nashville one more time. I mean, have you heard Natural Child? I’ve been hooked on their rocking country soul since 2012, when they released Hard in Heaven, and the hard to share because it has a bare-ass on the cover For The Love of the Game. Oh, and thank blog for Burger Records too; who else was gonna put that shit out on cassette so marginalized listeners looking for unknown country bands could listen to low quality, high grit greatness on¬†outdated audio equipment?


Natural Child went¬†from the sound of ’60s lo-fi to ’70s big time on their last record Dancin’ With Wolves (Bailando Con Lobos if you’re nasty), but just like Waylon & Willie this music is too low class to sound hi-toned. The grit never got lost in the mix, and the result is all of that thuddin’ bass, scratchy guitar, and southern drawl singin’ coming through even better.

Pairing Seattle’s Bread & Butter with this band is like strawberries & chocolate, or like the first time you dipped your mango in salsa (you remember it well, I’m sure, the heat, the tang, the sweet, sweet pain). Could life be any better? Country Soul of Nashville meets the Pop-Rock Soul of Seattle at the Tractor Tavern down in Ballard, Tuesday August 15th.

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