Marc Jonson – Years

Marc Jonson‘s Years is being called one of the most treasured, rare and sought after volumes from Vanguard’s vaults. Lucky for me tasteful music maven and producer Pat Thomas (Light In The Attic Records, author Listen Whitey!) has my undivided musical attention. Here’s what our vintner of vintage had to say about the project:


several years ago, I was turned loose inside the vaults of the legendary folk/rock/roots label Vanguard Records – and I assembled several reissues of some of their more obscure artists from the late 60’s/early 70’s – these 4 were released by Light in the Attic Records:

Third Power, Family of Apostolic, Bob Frank and Peter Walker.

I also discovered this interesting singer/songwriter album from 1972 called “Years
by a guy named Marc Jonson.

What made this album different from all the other Vanguard stuff – was that wasn’t folk or even folk-rock. Something more ‘modern’ and more special. Various record collector blogs have suggested these comparisons: Tim Buckley‘s Goodbye & Hello, Phil Ochs’ Pleasures of theĀ Harbor, Bill Fay‘s first album as well as other obscure Popsike legends such as Bobb Trimble, John Pantry, and David Stoughton. Others have suggested a touch of Big Star or even a bit of Bowie Hunky Dory era.

Anyway, long story short, I assembled this album complete with 4 rare bonus tracks for Light in the Attic – but when Vanguard merged with the Concord Music Group – this project got lost in the shuffle. I brought it over the folks at REAL GONE – and it’s just come out!



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