Malcolm Holcombe @ Pickathon

“To Drink The Rain” – Live in The Galaxy Barn at Pickathon 2013::

This is what we refer to as “full immersion.” Others call it “crazy” or “channeling” and some call it being “possessed” by the music. Whatever it is, it’s how Malcolm Holcombe performed last year in the Galaxy Barn. And it’s what we’ve come to expect from Pickathon over the years; performances from artists you may not have ever heard of blowing your freakin’ mind in an intimate farm setting surrounded by horses, trees, trails, and other like-minded roots fans. It’s why it’s the best. It’s the curating that separates the festival. It’s happening Aug 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in Happy Valley, Oregon

Malcolm Holcombe wasn’t a headliner. He’s a bit of cult figure (obviously) known by a small circle of folk/blues fans, yet he’s the type of artist you think about well after such a performance. Which is the best part of what Pickathon does. The headliners shine, the others you heard of are great, but for me at least, it’s the performers you didn’t know anything about that leave a very lasting impression.  That was Cotton Jones years ago. Frank Fairfield. Charlie Parr. Last year it was Shakey Graves. This year, I expect Valerie June to blow minds. Or is it someone I’m not yet familiar with?

It’s why I go.

Pickathon is 5 weeks away. $95 Single Day Tickets are available, but very limited

Pickathon Daily Stage Schedules:


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  1. I’m really looking forward to the formerly known as the workshop barn sets this year. ( I think they should just call it Stacy’s Stage, whattaya think?) G&T’s on the back porch..

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