Lost Bayou Ramblers On Tour, Releasing “Kalenda”

Even if you don’t know Kalenda you’ve heard some version of “Allons Danser, Colinda” in modern music — she’s the girl every boy wants to dance with, that angers other women. It’s a tale as old as people, and has as many versions.

Even if you don’t know Lost Bayou Ramblers, you’ve felt the push of their coming tide. They performed on and contributed to Jack White’s documentary series American Epic, have been nominated for a Grammy, contributed to the score of Beasts Of The Southern Wild, and accompanied Arcade Fire and Violent Femmes on tour.

Their newest release, Kalenda has done as they’ve always done, reimagined the unimaginable. Relying on the legend of Kalenda –a cajun woman the boys danced too close with, a Carribean stick fight for whiskey, and/or a forbidden slave dance from Congo Square, as an album wasn’t enough for them though. They’ve successfully combined their immaculate, unorthodox production with traditional music, and infused synthesizers into the beat. Somehow, also, they’ve scheduled a national tour around the album’s release.

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They play The Sunset Tavern in Seattle on August 24th.