A Fundraiser for the Publishing Rights to Woody Guthrie Original Song Manuscripts

Greg Vandy needs you! The final hurdle in the book project 26 Songs In 30 Days is raising money to pay associated publishing rights to Woody’s song manuscripts which are used as photos in the book. We believe “seeing” the original, hand-typed song lyrics from Woody’s hand will add a great amount of visual character to the project and enhance our story.

Oregon Somewheresmall

Historically, song publishing and music licensing is expensive, but necessary. It’s an important element to the music business in that, often, it’s the primary source of revenue for the songwriter and is what “pays” them for their original work. Also, music publishing companies protect an artists’ work from being used without authorization and/or for commercial purposes not appropriate. For Woody Guthrie and his heirs, this is a big deal. We are happy to announce that we have been authorized to use Woody’s Columbia River song manuscripts for our project and that we paid a fair price to publish them. But it was expensive.

With your help, we hope to offset the cost of bringing readers these manuscripts and other Woody Guthrie personal papers and documents (which also had licensing fees) in a dynamic context that tells the whole story of Woody’s one month on the Columbia River where he wrote 26 songs in 30 days. We strongly feel that Woody’s song manuscripts add great value and character to the project.

Please have a look at our Indiegogo page and donate if you can. There will be a different perk every day, so check out Greg Vandy’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (all @GregVandy), and be sure to check back on American Standard Time as we’ll have some more “Woody goodies” for you. If you’re not in a position to contribute, we understand, but please share as far and wide as you can. The book is out on Sasquatch Books April 12th.