Free Tickets: The Bright Light Social Hour @ Tractor Tavern Friday, Jan. 29th

by Sean Jewell::

Austin Psych Rock outfit The Bright Light Social Hour imagines a future South inspired by Sun Ra, space travel, and the struggle of the creative youth of today. Their imagination is so good it landed them on NPR’s World Cafe, and in the Heavy Rotation crate.

Their latest album, Space Is Still the Place, is a dreamy, sprawling document of a band that forgoes expectations and comes by a sound honestly. Like Black Angels on mushrooms instead of acid, or if Pink Floyd was an American band.

From the press release:

The theme of Space Is Still the Place encompasses the idea of a “Future South,” which was developed by the band after touring across the country, heavily in the South, over the last few years. While on the road, the band stays with friends and fans in each city instead of hotels, and has seen a universal trend of young people who are creative, intelligent, positive and ambitious but still struggling to make ends meet. These stories and experiences were brought together to form the themes on the album, and ultimately the idea of space exists as a metaphor as a place to start fresh and forge ahead to the future. In this Future South, the band lyrically and musically draws inspirations from the traditional Southern roots – whether it is political ideology, culture, blues, rock and jazz, to blend it with progressive ideas and a future musical stylings with heavy synths and electronic influences. Ultimately, the album exists as a way to articulate this alternative idea of a South that is bursting with vibrancy, diversity and opportunity – releasing from the stratifications of the region being a backwards place.


Wanna go to the show? Leave us a comment below. We’ll pick one winner at random and email you with 2 tickets.


  1. “Space Is Still The Place” was one of my favorite albums last year. I don’t know how The Bright Light Social Hour escaped my personal radar, but thankfully Don Slack mentioned them in the New Release blog on KEXP and this album has frequented my sound system adventures and headphone explorations ever since. (It’s one of those albums that sounds great both ways.) Really looking forward to the live show. A pair of tickets would make it a little less painful on our pocketbook for the upgrade from pbr’s to a few microbrews, too. BALLARD!

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