The Filthy Six — “Mr. Morris”

Filthy_Six-The_Fox-AJX288by Sean Jewell ::

Here’s another video from our friends in Alabama at Spectra Sonic Sound Sessions featuring British band The Filthy Six, performing the song “Mr. Morris.” It’s a driven, smooth number, led by  hammond organ and trumpet on a sexy, vibrant cruise. Taking the classic jazz sextet and replacing double bass with electric bass, then trombone with Hammond organ was a smooth, smooth move on the part of these funky gentlemen.

These guys are the definition of soul, and they’ve been in the groove since 2004, but their horn player has been busy holding up a little Scottish group called Mumford and Sons; band members have also been known to tour around with Beck, Jack White, Tom Jones, and Amy Winehouse.

Fans of bop and acid jazz will immediately notice this band is no joke. Shades of Jimmy Smith, Freddie Hubbard, and even Lee Morgan. I keep watching this video over and over, and I’ve yet to find a nick in their very brassy armor. Stick around til about the 5:30 mark for an unbelievable drum solo, that dude’s brain has been re-wired and set on Soul.

The Filthy Six has two records and a handful of EPs available over at Acid Jazz records.