Country Dave Harmonson Benefit Presented by Underwood Stables, Mon. July 20th, Tractor Tavern

cntrydaveby Sean Jewell ::

The value of the contributions Country Dave Harmonson has made to Seattle’s roots music scene cannot be overstated. If you can name a country music band from this area it’s likely Country Dave has contributed to, or influenced their sound in some way. He plays in so many bands you’re likely to see him on any given night working his 10 string pedal steel or shredding a Telecaster, wowing crowds. He’s recorded with bands like Cahalen Morrison and Country Hammer, Ganges River Band, Country Lips, Annie Ford Band, the Swearengens, and Zoe Muth, and has been a working guitarist since the ’70s.

Immediately recognizable as the smiling elder gent in the cowboy hat and rhinestone shirt eager to shake your hand and talk, Country Dave has been getting around with a cane recently after hip replacement surgery, but that hasn’t slowed him down. In fact, we were all surprised when just a week after surgery he played a slew of shows, including Folklife. When you hear him play live it’s inconceivable that he could be slowed down, but given the fact that he’s racked up some hefty hospital bills recently, Underwood Stables and the Tractor Tavern have set up a benefit show on his behalf.

Lots of great musicians and Country Dave collaborators are coming out to play this one: Country Lips, Annie Ford, A.P. Dougas, Mindie Lind, Caitlin Sherman, Dean Johnson, and Fred Luongo to name a few. Aaron Starkey and Mike Giacolino will also be contributing songs, and the evening will be hosted by Ian Moore. Robynne from Underwood Stables tells us there will even be a raffle going on, prizes include guitar lessons from Johnny Sangster, and piano lessons from Caitlin Sherman. Admission is $10, and the show is Monday night.

Expect Dave to be there too, since time nor age seem to be able to keep him away.