Cotton Jones on 50 Feet of Song

Our friends at 50 Feet Of Song captured one of our very favorite bands, Cotton Jones doing “Tall Hours in the Glowstream” on super 8 film. It’s a pretty unique concept and the results are here for the viewing. Here’s what creator Max McSimov says about their on-going project:

Inspired by both the direct cinema of the late sixties and the field recordings of Alan Lomax, 50 Feet of Song sets out to create original documents of the songs of our day. The 50 feet refers to the one cartridge of super 8 film that the sessions are shot on. 50 feet of film equals about 3 minutes of record time. By introducing this restraint of time, the artist has to work within the confines of the film and is forced to recreate and adapt their song to the space that is shaped by the super 8 cartridge. Out of this space comes a more intimate and personal rendition of the song.