Congrats to Banditos on Signing w/Bloodshot Records

Good news from Bloodshot Records today. High Octane Southern Rockers Banditos have been signed to the label and plan to release a new album early in 2015. Count this one as a win for the good guys & gals.

Press release follows:

Bloodshot Signs BANDITOS!

November 12th, 2014 by bsradmin

Introducing the newest addition to the Bloodshot roster…Nashville-via-Birmingham group  Banditos! Like them, follow them, and get to know them.

Back in March we saw Banditos at one of those fly-by-night, hole-in-the-wall bars that sprout like skunkweed on Sixth Street in Austin, TX during the height of SXSW crazy. The only other patrons were Bud Light-swilling bros watching a blowout college basketball game; the sound system at this place was a painful mix of all treble and reverb; and the noises oozing out of the PA during another band’s set were not unlike the distorted echoes of the soundtrack to ‘Suspiria’ (and not in a good way). We wish we were kidding.

Then the six-piece Banditos took the stage, and even though they themselves were a little intimidating – all hair, denim, and stoic determination – the sounds they managed to conjure from two overworked speakers were fresh, raw, and spectacular. We were instantly blown away and are now thrilled to announce Banditos have signed with Bloodshot Records and will release a new album sometime in early 2015.

American Songwriter Magazine  announced Banditos’ signing to Bloodshot along with some southern US tour dates. 

And see Banditos in action in this live video of their song “Golden Grease”: