Whether singing backup or stepping out as frontwoman, Banditos‘ Mary Richardson is a force to be reckoned with. A rock n’ roll honky tonk mama with an attitude and voice to match, Richardson can get rowdy with the best of ’em and easily sways between whiskey-soaked juke joint harmonies and a Joplin-esque wail that swings […]

malcolm @ pickathon

“To Drink The Rain” – Live in The Galaxy Barn at Pickathon 2013:: This is what we refer to as “full immersion.” Others call it “crazy” or “channeling” and some call it being “possessed” by the music. Whatever it is, it’s how Malcolm Holcombe performed last year in the Galaxy Barn. And it’s what we’ve come to expect […]

Gas Light Girls

You know this song. You’ve heard “I Know It’s Wrong (But That’s Alright)” on Roadhouse Radio on KEXP as recently as last week and you’ve seen Alynda Lee Segarra perform in-studio on the show. We’re big fans. Labeling Alynda as “one of the brightest stars in American music” and such stuff. And this new vid […]

Blind Boy Paxton feature image

We shot this a few years ago when Jeron Paxton was drifting out West with Frank Fairfield. Shot in KEXP studios and directed by Austin Wilson for More Dust Than Digital, Jeron puts his old-time charm on display here with an explanation on how easy it is to play banjo. Wait. Can you run that by […]


This how they do it in Birmingham. Banditos (who now reside in Nashville) made this amazing vid with Joshua Shoemaker of their song “Long Gone, Anyway” in their backyard. It makes ya wanna move to Alabama. Or play kazoo. Maybe both. This tune caught my attention late last year (tho recorded in 2012) and not […]

50 Feet of Song

Our friends at 50 Feet Of Song captured one of our very favorite bands, Cotton Jones doing “Tall Hours in the Glowstream” on super 8 film. It’s a pretty unique concept and the results are here for the viewing. Here’s what creator Max McSimov says about their on-going project: Inspired by both the direct cinema of […]

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This perennial favorite animated by Drew Christie is based on a John Cohen interview we did years ago, when he told us the story of first meeting Harry Smith on the streets of NYC in the 60’s- and it’s all true!. John of course was at the forefront of the early folk revival scene and […]

No, not the Bruce Springsteen’s iconic follow-up to Born In The USA in 1985, but the new movie by Alexander Payne starring Bruce Dern. Here’s what our guest film blogger Ryan Davis says about it: I really liked “Nebraska.” It’s sweet but not saccharine, affecting without being obvious, and encouraging because it’s a “small” film […]