I was in a daze once after a Sam Doores show in Seattle; I was talking to the sound man that night about what we’d just witnessed. “Do you have that album Holy Cross Blues?,” he asked. “No.” With a nod, and a knowing grin he said simply: “it’s the truth.” How a phrase like […]

by Sean Jewell :: Check out genius animator Drew Christie‘s re-imagining of a Bukowski conversation during a recording session for Run with the Hunted in old Hank’s home in 1993. Christie’s short films, ads, music videos, and drawings have been featured everywhere from The New York Times to little ol’ American Standard Time. Drew’s handmade animated sketches […]

by Sean Jewell :: Do you like pulp novels? Film noir? Mid century modern design? Kitsch-americana? Spy films? Spaghetti Westerns? Psych Rock? We do too. These things are the basis for Prom Queen, a band/hallucinatory fever dream born long after its time. On their sensate album Midnight Veil they capture the haunting, softened, pastel imagery that […]

by Sean Jewell :: Hey, someone fix me another while I watch this video of Seattle psych rockers Rose Windows again. They recorded these kosmic blues during the summer at Brooklyn‘s Douglass Street Studios for The Wild Honey Pie‘s Buzzsessions series. We’d all love to travel in time and go see Jefferson Airplane or Janis at […]

by Sean Jewell :: Look, I know there’s a lot of important stuff to talk about right now, but none of those things are this video for the Howlin’ Wolf song “Shake For Me.” It’s from a DVD I’ve never seen about The American Folk and Blues Festival tours. These tours took place from the ’60s through […]

by Sean Jewell :: Had Gary McFarland lived longer, his name might be as popular as –or synonymous with– Quincy Jones or Duke Ellington. He recorded over 30 records in a decade, largely wrote his own material, and is now recognized as the missing link between Jazz and Pop. So why haven’t you heard of him? A […]

by Sean Jewell :: Here’s another video from our friends in Alabama at Spectra Sonic Sound Sessions featuring British band The Filthy Six, performing the song “Mr. Morris.” It’s a driven, smooth number, led by  hammond organ and trumpet on a sexy, vibrant cruise. Taking the classic jazz sextet and replacing double bass with electric bass, then trombone with […]

by Sean Jewell :: Sometime in the last decade Bobby Bare Jr. went from being the son of Bobby Bare who writes quirky almost good songs, to a brilliant composer who eviscerates the line between country, rock, and blues with outrageous lyrics and huge rock arrangements. His new album with the Young Criminals’ Starvation League is […]