by Sean Jewell:: East Dallas is back! The Warden released his new single “Downtown” last week. It’s laden heavy with tejano beat, and that special storytelling style we’ve been getting out of them. Where his last album was one he, shall we say, sang from the barstool, on his latest he appears to be upright and […]

via Seattle Weekly: This story is adapted from 26 Songs in 30 Days: Woody Guthrie’s Columbia River Songs and the Planned Promised Land in the Pacific Northwest, By Greg Vandy and Daniel Person. The book is available now from Sasquatch Books. It was entitled Power, and it told the story of the Tennessee Valley Authority, the […]

BY MICHAEL WOHL In Japan, there is an informal term — Living National Treasure — to describe in short individuals certified as “Preservers of Important Intangible Cultural Properties”. Were there such a thing in the United States, a good place to start with nominations would be with Fred and Toody Cole, the rock n’ roll husband […]

by Sean Jewell :: The history of mountain punk is simple. Lonesome tales of bygone times and persistent hurt accompanied by banjo, dulcimer, and other stringed demons was played by women in the Appalachian back country, colloquially known as Freakwater. Eventually the haunting sound slithered from the holler into a Pentecostal church two young Kentucky women attended. Janet […]

by Sean Jewell: Fresh off the release of their new album, and 20 year anniversary, The Legendary Shack Shakers –whose lead singer was deemed “Best Frontman” in Rolling Stone‘s coverage of the Americana Music Association Festival in Nashville (Nashville’s been sayin’ so since 2001, btw)– will be performing in Seattle on October 3oth. What’s shocking […]

by Sean Jewell :: Springtime Carnivore (the nom de tune of Greta Morgan) reached back into Motown and dragged the sound through the ’80s on her first, huge sounding, solo effort. By all accounts it’s a pop record, full of the themes pop is fit to tackle; love, loss, and rhythms and melody that’ll have you […]

Good news from Bloodshot Records today. High Octane Southern Rockers Banditos have been signed to the label and plan to release a new album early in 2015. Count this one as a win for the good guys & gals. Press release follows: Bloodshot Signs BANDITOS! November 12th, 2014 by bsradmin Introducing the newest addition to […]

by Sean Jewell :: In music style goes a long way, and one band that is oozing style from every pore is Australia’s The Preatures. The first time I heard them I smirked with suspicion, one minute later I was smiling, and by the end I was pulling out every early ’80s dance move I could think of. […]

  by Sean Jewell :: “High lonesome sound” is the generic term used to describe bluegrass singing. Musicologist and filmmaker of note John Cohen came up with the phrase to describe Roscoe Holcombe‘s high throaty register, by all means a supernatural voice. You could use it to describe Alice Gerrard’s singing, but you’d be in the […]

  By Sean Jewell:: If it is not enough of a miracle for you that just a few billion years after the big bang Fender would combine the elements wood and metal into the Jazzmaster electric guitar, the infinitesimal chance that Barrie Cadogan would also pick one up and play it so well should be. Barrie has made huge contributions […]