PLAYBACK this one via KEXP’s streaming archive (audio good until Sept 10th) It’ll take you back! Click the link below and “rock on”. This annual program has become known as The Summer Sell-Out show because it’s a diversion from our usual KEXP mission of providing alternative music not heard on today’s commercial radio. But for one night […]


Playback this special program featuring all kinds of songs about loggers, timber, trucks, green chains, chokers, lumberjacks, stirring coffee with your thumb, and other stuff that characterize the old-time Northwest heritage. It’s all in anticipation of Northwest Timber Revival on Saturday Aug 30th in Hoquiam, WA. You’ll hear topical songs about timber from Johnny Cash, Buck Miner, George […]

Kacy & Clayton

We couldn’t resist a playground scene across the street from the KEXP studios for this pic of Saskatchewan teenagers Kacy & Clayton (ok, Clayton is now 20 and can legally drink in Canada. Kacy not perviously known to be a fan of the merry-go-round). They perform in-studio on this edition of the Roadhouse. Their goofing is somewhat […]


Music That Matters #420:: To listen and/or download “Summer High” my brand new, free podcast, visit KEXP‘s blog here And while you’re there support the station that matters to you. Help us build a new home which will benefit artists, DJs, and fans. Here’s the set list: 20 tracks representing some of my fav songs of the year (some are older), new artists, […]

Pete Molinari

There’s a lot of “best records”, “favorite festivals” “#1 albums”, “fav summer jams” and “you must get this” on this one! The hyperbole is pretty thick throughout as there is just too much to tell you about in terms of all the fun stuff happening this week and all the great new music. Like Pete Molinari (pictured). And I […]


Playback this show right now via KEXP‘s streaming archive or anytime before July 30th. It’s easy! Click the link below and enjoy 3 hours of mostly new music and contemporary sounds in the still emerging new folk and traditional roots music scene. Like Kacy & Clayton, pictured above. My visit to the 40th annual Winnipeg […]


This Holiday show is all soul, funk, and rare groove from the late 60’s to the mid 70’s. It’s a 4th Of July radio tradition these days and we hope your party was off the hook and dap dipping with super people, good food, and big bangs. If you missed this one, Playback is available anytime […]


Listen to 3 hours of music via KEXP‘s streaming audio archive until July 9th. Just click the link! Yes, Led Zeppelin were fans of the blues. They did Robert Johnson‘s “Traveling Riverside Blues” (1937) in 1969 and it eventually appeared on the expanded Coda LP. Though it’s not a straight up cover of the song, […]