Click the link (below) NOW and listen to this show via KEXP‘s streaming archive. It’s hip! This week on the show: A whole hour of grooving and grinding to rare soul records from obscure and overlooked artists of the past, ya know when songs about city rats (“ratty ratty”) big bell-bottoms (“original funky bell-bottom”) and […]

The show formally know as the Summer Sell-Out Show becomes Vandy’s 1970’s AM Radio Gold. Signaling the “last hurrah” of an amazing summer and presented as a Back To School radio special for old kids suffering from acute Arrested Development, the show creates a healthy nostalgia for things of the past, such as bubble-gum lip […]

Listen to this 3-hour KEXP radio show! This one is nice when you just lay out and relax in front of your hi-fi. Lots of vintage sounds and new releases from good people, like Alabama Shakes, Courtney Barnett, Barna Howard, Houndmouth, Banditos, Cedell Davis, Delta Routine,  Sean Rowe, Pops Staples, Leon Bridges, Charlie Parr, Jake Xerxes […]


Greg Vandy here, back as your Mardi Gras correspondent from the far reaches of Endymion, Comus, Rex, and the land of Mama Roux and King Zulu. It’s Carnival season! I’m psyched to be back for one week only to present this annual show about that Joyful Noise one can only make in New Orleans. It’s […]


This KEXP special radio show is all about American traditional songs. The one’s that have been around forever, sung by everybody, and have a million versions. Songs about folk legends like John Henry and Casey Jones, to trains called The Midnight Special and places like St James Infirmary and The House Of The Rising Sun. […]

Haunted Roadhouse

Always one of the most popular shows. Listen as I go whistling past the graveyard, playing music from the dark-side. Plenty of murder ballads, dark hollers, country outlaws, weirdos, and evil Blues in the American tradition. Scary stuff from Nick Cave, Lee Hazelwood, The Sonics, Screaming Lord Sutch, Bo Diddley, Nina Simone, Koko Taylor, White […]

by Sean Jewell :: You remember when you were a kid, and you’d go trick-or-treating and sometimes you’d just absolutely score? Like, great costume, bag overflowing with full size candy bars, and pulled off a few good scares? I feel like that’s what we’ve got going on with this Spooky Roadhouse thing. It’s an embarrassment of […]


This is my last show for awhile! As you’ll hear me say on this show, starting this week I’ll be off to the hinterlands (Methow Valley on the Eastern slopes of the N. Cascades) to write my Woody Guthrie book and that Hans will be filling in for the rest of the year. However I’ll […]


PLAYBACK this KEXP radio show! Audio link below is good until Oct 7th. No taping this one. No rehearsal. This in-studio is very “live” featuring Pete Molinari, one of my favs playing songs from his new LP Theosophy, chatting about Billy Childish, and an amber alarm siren going off from someone’s phone (it was Bassman’s, we come to […]

JWiii in SF 2014

PLAYBACK: Listen via KEXP’s streaming archive right now! Audio link below is good until Oct 1st. This one’s all about Jack White and all the related Jack White music. Three hours of White Stripes, Raconteurs, Dead Weather, solo recordings, singles, b-sides, the very first live performance of the White Stripes from a 1997 Detroit open-mic, original […]