by Sean Jewell :: If you’ve been to Pendarvis Farm in Happy Valley, Oregon for Pickathon then you know that everything that happens the rest of the year revolves around those four days forever after. New Years? 8 months til Pickathon. Festival season? Let’s hit a few and pretend we’re at Pickathon. New favorite musician? Can’t […]

by Sean Jewell :: I didn’t really know I was a Little Richard fan until I started looking into this box set coming out on June 2nd. Did you know he was inspired to play piano the way he did by Esquerita in New Orleans when he heard him play “One Mint Julep” (and that Esquerita […]

by Bart Cameron :: In the days when they were rebuilding the iconic Seattle venue Crocodile, when the Moondoggies shot this gorgeous video in their basement, I thought the future would be full of old-before-their time singer songwriters. It felt almost like Crocodile would be the Seattle’s Troubadour. As it happened, we have great singer […]

by Sean Jewell :: Since relocating to the Northwest, Willis Earl Beal has released an album and an EP independently, 21 tracks of experimental soul that sounds like a man alone in a church with an organ singing streams of consciousness into the ether. Together they’re referred to as Experiments in Time: The Golden Hour. Beal […]

by Sean Jewell :: The foghorn in The Foghorns‘ sound has got to be the bass clarinet of Lauren Trew. Woozy, improvisational jazz horn wandering broadly over leader Bart Cameron’s blues compositions. Or perhaps the foghorn is the rhythm section–solid electric bass and a drummer with preternatural ability to keep time gives the whole ship liberty to […]

by Sean Jewell :: What we all need, what we all deserve, is to be a little more like Willie Nelson. The Red Headed Stranger turns 82 this year, and for those of us who can’t make it down to Lucky, Texas there’s gonna be a bash at The Royal Room. Michael Stegner, Katie Jacobson, […]

by Sean Jewell :: Get your dancin’ boots on. Last time I saw Evening Bell at The Tractor the floor was filled up with people swingin’ to their honky tonk sounds. This time they’re accompanied by Seattle via Houston authentic country players The Ganges River Band and Country Lips, just back from their own tour […]

by Sean Jewell :: Pharis & Jason Romero recorded their latest album, A Wanderer I’ll Stay, approximately 400 kilometers from nowhere, in their cabin in Horsefly, BC, Canada. The isolated wilderness town is where Pharis and Jason are raising their family while hand crafting intricately detailed banjos and guitars. Since good instruments outlast us all, it’s […]

by Sean Jewell :: Charlie Parr‘s latest album, Stumpjumper, is a hot one. As usual he draws from the well of human suffering, but does so with humor and just a dash of folk tale mystery. Stumpjumper happens to be a first of its kind for Parr, having been recorded with a full backing band […]

by Sean Jewell :: Well this looks cool. The Ould Triangle up in Greenwood is hosting an event called Country Outlaw Sundays, and it’s perfect. There’ll be country music, BBQ, and Outlaw Swing lessons, and best of all it’s early in the evenin’ (2-7 pm, yes!) for the folks that wanna go out but still got […]