by Sean Jewell :: Ooh boy, Friday’s gonna be busy folks, but the swingin’ roadhouse sounds of The Northwest (and parts beyond) are callin’. First of all, did you know that KEXP’s Concerts at the Mural are FREE? Also, they happen early (starting at 4:30). So come on down to Seattle Center and find a sweet […]

by Sean Jewell:: Barbara Lynn is truly one of a kind. Aside from being the rare, left handed, guitar playing bandleader in the ’60s, and scoring a #1 hit with her own material, Barbara’s exit and re-entry into rock ‘n’ soul were her own trajectory, piloting her career, her way. As a child Lynn played ukulele in Beaumont, Texas; […]

by Sean Jewell :: Outlaw poets are the best poets. By talent or by fate, none quite nailed the role like French poet Jean Genet. Genet was a adopted after being born to a prostitute; as a child he loved running away and became a thief.  He became imprisoned, got out by joining the foreign legion, […]

by Sean Jewell :: One day you’re standing around at Underwood Stables talking about this great little group out of Alabama called Banditos, just hoping you can get them up to Seattle. The next they’re signed to Bloodshot Records, touring the whole United States and Europe, heating up radio shows like The Roadhouse, and getting nods on Marc […]

by Sean Jewell :: Well, summer in the great Northwest is finally runnin’ hot. There’s two shows a day everywhere you look. Festival season is in full swing, and everyone is ready for a good time. Here at AST we like  a little bit of everything roots, blues, soul and Americana, especially if those roots […]

by Sean Jewell:: Since atleast 2005 Jolie Holland has been the kind of artist who changes the direction of music from within. The critically acclaimed tastemaker has confounded critics and garnered fans with a run of albums that establish her as a singular, unforgettable voice. Holland’s most recent album The Wine Dark Sea likely sits in the […]

by Sean Jewell :: It was only a matter of time before Aussie roots musician Blake Noble‘s 12 string percussive guitar and didgeridoo music intersected with American roots music. Australian music has a history with bluegrass thanks to Bill Monroe and Flat & Scruggs records making their way to the continent and inspiring Australians to […]

by Sean Jewell :: Rhett Miller nearly died very young. Since his return to life he’s consistently re-invented himself, seemingly born again on every Old 97’s, and solo, release. What could’ve been another ’90s flash-in-the-pan band has now become an alt-country institution 20 years old, with a catalog that –counting Rhett’s solo records– runs 25 (wicked decent) records deep. […]