by Sean Jewell: In recent years there’s been a groundswell of support and longing for Amercian Primitive, or Takoma style guitar, first played by the Takoma Masters of the ’70s. The neo-classical style puts the grit and drone of blues into a blender with the gravitas and sophistication of classical music and sees artists pushing […]

by Sean Jewell :: The history of mountain punk is simple. Lonesome tales of bygone times and persistent hurt accompanied by banjo, dulcimer, and other stringed demons was played by women in the Appalachian back country, colloquially known as Freakwater. Eventually the haunting sound slithered from the holler into a Pentecostal church two young Kentucky women attended. Janet […]

Cosmic rockers Futurebirds are on tour all February and will be gliding through Seattle‘s Tractor Tavern on Friday. You should go. Their album Hotel Parties is an easy rockin’ expansive panorama of rockin’ country tunes that evoke images of LA and Joshua Tree. Their music is full of the killer riffs and unfeigned twang Keith Richards and Gram […]

Timbrrr! is the winter version of one of our favorite festivals of the year, Timber! Timbrrr! is held in Leavenworth, Washington, a winter wonderland if there ever was one. The festival takes place just below Stevens Pass, includes plenty of Leisure Games, is right in the middle of all the shopping the Bavarian themed town […]

JD McPherson heads out on tour this week in support of his widely acclaimed Let the Good Times Roll. JD’s approach to music clearly comes from a deep research and enjoyment of rock ‘n’ roll of all kinds. There’s plate reverb, dastardly fuzz, echo in the vocals and snares, the drawl of loud American blues […]

by Sean Jewell: Fresh off the release of their new album, and 20 year anniversary, The Legendary Shack Shakers –whose lead singer was deemed “Best Frontman” in Rolling Stone‘s coverage of the Americana Music Association Festival in Nashville (Nashville’s been sayin’ so since 2001, btw)– will be performing in Seattle on October 3oth. What’s shocking […]

by Devon Leger:: The cover of the new album, When I Was A Child (out Sept 25 on Brick Lane Records), from Seattle-by-way-of-South-Carolina artist Valley Maker shows a blurry photo of a child walking amidst fog. Or is it a field of grass? It’s not clear, and the obscurity of the photo is as good […]

by Sean Jewell:: Let me tell you something now. Come closer. Read harder. I do not suggest you go to this show, I insist. When The Moondoggies released Don’t Be A Stranger in 2008, music was a confusing place. It was a heady time, one that birthed the soporific harmonies of Fleet Foxes, and Band of Horses. Seattle’s […]

by Sean Jewell:: Let’s all just bow our heads for a minute in a moment of silence and thank the universe for Nashville one more time. I mean, have you heard Natural Child? I’ve been hooked on their rocking country soul since 2012, when they released Hard in Heaven, and the hard to share because […]