Rayland Baxter Imaginary Man LP Cover

by Lee Shook :: It’s no secret that there is a bright, fresh new crop of talented singer-songwriters arising from the deep shadows and vaunted history of Nashville’s iconic skyline. From Music City natives like Caitlin Rose to transplanted troubadours like Texas-born Andrew Combs and Robert Ellis, “dad country” crooner Jonny Fritz, the blazed out […]

Kacy & Clayton photo by Dane Roy

by Sean Jewell and Greg Vandy :: American Standard Time is very proud to announce Saskatchewan artists Kacy & Clayton will release Strange Country in the US and Europe on Nashville’s New West Records on May 6th. To get you started we’ve got the title track to share. Greg Vandy himself introduced me to their music –wise, mysterious […]

John Moreland Live

by Sean Jewell :: In case you haven’t noticed, the brightest star in the Tulsa sky is John Moreland. He’s on tour now supporting his latest album High on Tulsa Heat, and playing Tractor Tavern tomorrow. I’m told they have less than 50 tickets left for sale but we’ve got two for FREE, and there’s […]

Trevor Sensor Album Cover

by Sean Jewell:: If your voice becomes a nasal, gravelly howl that somehow sounds at once like Bob Dylan circa 1960, and also like Bob Dylan in 2016 don’t fret. Pick up a guitar and write some songs. Illinois gentleman Trevor Sensor, a recent signee to Jagjaguwar (a label known for capturing singular vocalists: Bon Iver, Cave […]

Julie Rhodes

by Sean Jewell :: One of the best album openers I’ve heard recently is “In Your Garden” on Julie Rhodes‘s Bound to Meet the Devil . Rhodes’s raspy voice intones along with a soul clap: “Go on and leave me like another weed in your garden. Nothing I can say is gonna make you stay. Don’t call me […]

by Sean Jewell: In recent years there’s been a groundswell of support and longing for Amercian Primitive, or Takoma style guitar, first played by the Takoma Masters of the ’70s. The neo-classical style puts the grit and drone of blues into a blender with the gravitas and sophistication of classical music and sees artists pushing […]