by Sean Jewell :: The opening notes to “You Don’t Know Nothing About Love” are so deep, so resonant, so devastating, that you’ll need to own the retrospective of Carl Hall‘s work just for the first song. As if the sound from the Wurlitzer electric weren’t enough, Carl Hall’s voice enters and asks “Did you […]

by Sean Jewell :: There is no easing into Ryley Walker‘s psych-folk masterpiece Primrose Green. From the very first finger-picked guitar licks, a delicate tapestry of nurturing music springs out wild as clockwork unwound. Improvisational in nature, bouncing off Walker’s stream of consciousness lyrics, a thick forest grows out of the loam of jazz-informed, stylish, […]

by Sean Jewell :: Royal Blue has critics in a huff. It’s been called an “inconsistent and noisy mess” by Bluegrass Situation, “gloomy” by American Songwriter, and “a project far darker than we should have necessarily anticipated” (whatever that means) by No Depression. Let’s get one thing straight: if you thought Lilly Hiatt was gonna […]

by Sean Jewell :: Ben Von Wildenhaus looks pensive: steely eyes, hair greased to the side of his head, and very official mustache almost steal the show from his seersucker suit. It’s an outfit normally reserved for Easter, the American South, or even spring, but the look on his face tells me he doesn’t care […]

By Sean Jewell :: JJ Grey & Mofro’s southern sincerity extends far beyond stereotype or folk-tale simplicity. Their music is playful and bluesy as Taj Mahal, and as earnest and soulful as Otis Redding’s. JJ Grey & Mofro’s latest offering Ol’ Glory keeps the approach to southern soul that has long been as out of the way as Grey’s […]

  by Sean Jewell :: I’m about a year late getting to this, but Lemon Nash‘s work is pretty timeless, I’m sure you’ll forgive me. A little while back Arhoolie sent us some of their releases after we had a conversation about Chris Strachwitz and his lifelong passion of unearthing, recording, or redistributing roots music […]

  by Sean Jewell :: I write this with some degree of difficulty because I have listened to a small selection of both of these sets, and have become too-funky for my damn-self. It’s like having all of your dream 45’s in the same crate. DJ nights will never be the same. In 1998 Atlantic released […]